Tuition and Class Preparation


Group Classes are $129 for 5 50-minute sessions. Our Student/Teacher Ratio is normally around 5:1

The classes are planned so that children have adequate time on task as well as reasonable rest-periods. Every moment of each class is pre-planned so that the student gets the most possible time-on-task and benefit.

Private lessons are available at the following rates:


One Person

Two People Three People Four People
One Lesson


$155.00 $180.00


Two Lessons $258.00 $310.00 $361.00 $413.00
Three Lessons $359.00 $430.00 $503.00 $574.00
Four Lessons $488.00 $588.00 $686.00 $788.00
Five Lessons $598.00 $727.00 $857.00 $968.00

Preparation Tips

1) Visit our website ( look at class photos from the home page. Have your child look at the pictures of children under water. Have them pick out which children are smiling, bubbles, count how many eyes are open, and pick which ones are having fun. Doing this everyday for 5-10 minutes will help your child be more comfortable going underwater.

2) Promoting positive attitudes in the child (showing enthusiasm to come to class). Remember to encourage your child to do what the teacher says.

3) Giving praise for good performance and attempts at performance in class. Let the child learn at his/her own pace. Eventually, all children will learn how to swim.

4) Encourage (demand) bathtub practice. Be creative in ways to practice what we do. Make it fun. You are bigger, older, and wiser (at this age) than your child. You can change attitudes in many ways at home. They can love water on their face. Download coloring sheets from our web page ( Practice at home will allow the child to learn faster and enjoy the lessons more.

5) Encourage independence. Do not carry children who can walk. Have them prepare themselves for class. Do not have them sit on your lap like a baby while waiting for class- that brings out dependence traits.

6) Be on time to class. The class starts with activities to ease tension and be fun. We practice skills, and build up excitement to prepare the child physically and mentally for learning to swim.

7) Attend all scheduled sessions. Your child will benefit from the continuity of class skill progressions and the frequency of the practice. Make swim lessons a priority, make up lessons are not the same.