We can talk all day about how we can help people learn to swim, but we'd rather have our students and their families do the talking…

"I've never seen a more skillfull teacher at work! " L.L.

"The constant skill improvement from lesson to lesson is amazing." T.K.

"I have never seen someone help a child overcome their fear of water so quickly!" E.I.

"I liked the positive approach to learning. After 3-4 weeks at (a local hospital swim class), my son still would not get his face wet. With your lessons, on day 2, he was going under water. You definitely care that the child learns, not just show up." J.C.

“A real confidence-building experience!” –MR

“I like the way Ed handles each child. I like the process of getting my child used to the water, not being scared. Very good.” –BH

“Very experienced. Constant moving and keeping them busy.”

“Fast pace, well organized, would highly recommend.” –AS

“Very prompt and helpful. Excellent with kids! Maintains quality of teaching but has fun with them. Effective teaching. Maintains one-on-one touch even though in a group. Keeps parents informed. Thank you. Enjoyed lessons!” –M&NK

"We have taken several lessons at the YMCA. This is the first time she has put her face in the water and swam." -C.A

“Mr. Ed is wonderful- the best instructor in town. I liked the manner in which he pushed the kids - We have been to YMCA and to St. Mary’s, and my kids haven’t learned to swim until now.” - C.M.

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