Mr. Ed's Fast and Fun Swim System

For over 35 years, "Mr. Ed" Pemberton has taught tens of thousands of children and adults how to swim. From babies a month old (see video below) to people in their 60s and 70s who have always wanted to swim, but never learned, Mr. Ed can bring his expertise that gets results!

Through years of practice and research, Mr. Ed has developed the "Fast and Fun Swim System" that not only teaches people how to swim, but valuable life lessons as well. These experiences are the basis for his upcoming book "Positive Parenting through Water Interaction."

Using time-tested philosophies of teaching as well as cutting-edge techniques such as those referenced in Daniel Coyle's bestseller The Talent Code, Mr. Ed uses psychology, humor, and proven practice methods to ensure new swimmers have fun, learn fast, and, above all, learn correct techniques that they can use for the rest of their life.

Ed has lectured many times at the World Aquatic Babies and Children's Conference and has consulted for swim programs in many countries around the world.